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Welcome to South Asian Liver Institute

We are a liver transplant hospital and the only private institute in India dedicated to patients with liver disease.

We are Transforming Liver Care

OUR VISION is to bring liver disease treatment and liver transplant in India on par with the best in the world, in terms of ethics, training, quality of medical knowledge and technical skills, at a cost that makes such treatment an option.

OUR AIM is compassionate service. Our multi-disciplinary team with huge experience looking after a small group of patients provide unparalleled, personalized care for patients with liver disease and liver cancer.

Our Founder

Prof. Dr. Tom Cherian

MBBS; FRCS (G Surg); FRCS (I-Collegiate) CCST (UK). Advanced Transplant fellowship (London)

Founder & Managing Director, South Asian Liver Institute.
Professor (GI Surg), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad.


What makes us Unique


Only Private Institute in India

We are a liver transplant hospital and the only private institute in India dedicated to patients with liver disease. Due to our close field of interest we are able to study every ‘state of the art’ innovation from all over the world and apply it into clinical care immediately. This kind of attention to detail is what has allowed us to achieve one of the best outcomes in the country.

Expert Staff

Our staff are geared to the specific issues of patient with liver disease (PwLD). E.g. our nutritionists know the exact diet that a patient with water in the abdomen (ascites) requires, she knows what a PwLD AND diabetes can consume. Similarly our physiotherapists know what is safe for a PwLD to do, how much spirometry they should do or not do etc.

Comprehensive Patient Records

We maintain records of our patient’s investigations in a chart form routinely so that trends otherwise difficult to detect, are found. This kind of attention to detail is what has allowed us to achieve one of the best outcomes in the country.

Outreach Centres Across India

We have out-reach centres across the country where a member of OUR team is present, making it easy for families to attend their follow-up clinics without having to go to yet another medical team or new hospital. This ensures continuity of care and personalization of the individual patient.

Experience With Complex Transplantation Surgeries

Due to our experience with liver transplantation where we routinely work with the complex anatomy of the liver and perform vessel ‘joins’, we are able to remove complex liver cancers, and do surgery, not performed in most other centres.

We Take Entire Patient Record Into Account

Once PwLD are registered with us, all their records are scanned so that every future decision in that patient is made, ONLY after looking at his every previous record, leading to less mistakes & better treatment.

International Methodology

Given that our staff are trained in various parts of the world, we have a global & international methodology, in all of our protocols & procedures.

Uncompromising Ethics

We are 100% ethical. WE will never perform a single test that might be unnecessary, let alone a procedure!

Unmatched Evaluation and Success Rate

Our evaluation before any surgery is so complete (although this increases our cost considerably), and our radiology doctors are so experienced that we very rarely need to change decisions during an operation or close an abdomen without completing the cancer removal (less than 5%).

Attention From The Entire Team

Most of our patients are seen by the entire team at one point or the other, from the junior doctor to the most senior transplant surgeon, which ensures minimal errors. Although this increases our workload considerably.

Comprehensive Follow-Up

We take follow-up very seriously. We do our best to ensure that all patients who are undergoing treatment with us or have had surgery with us come regularly for check ups, free of charge on many occasions. We do this so that any concerns that occur could be found early and corrected before it is too late.

Clinician-Controlled For Maximum Patient Benefit

We are a small business unit, controlled by clinicians and DO NOT have to achieve certain targets, maintain huge buildings & fleets or demonstrate a certain growth to investors. So we are free to make decisions with only ONE aim in mind- patient benefit!

Stringent Post-Operative Care

Our post-operative care is several times more stringent (e.g. in our unit senior doctors always do 4 ward rounds a day, and we do several more investigations) than any other routine unit, as early detection of a complication allows us to correct it, leading to superb outcomes. Although this increases our cost considerably!

Tight Control On Medications

We have tight control on the medications we choose to use on our patients, especially crucial ones like antibiotics and only use medications from companies with an international reputation, or air-tight quality control. Although this increases our cost considerably.

International Level and Quality of Nursing Staff

We maintain an international level and quality of nursing staff, so that every patient is usually looked after by a single, highly qualified staff nurse which reduces infection rates and cross contamination. Although this increases our cost considerably.

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